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PARALOCK Separation carabiner

With a conventional paraglider karabiner it is hardly possible to unhook under load. However, in certain situations this can not only be useful, but can even save lives, for example when landing in flowing waters or in strong winds. In order to reduce the sink rate and protect the paraglider in tree landings, it is recommended - if possible - that the paraglider be disconnected after an emergency parachute opening, not only with steerable rescue systems.

Gleitschirm Karabiner



  • V-shaped harness chamber, suitable for a wide range of paraglider harnesses
  • Separate belt chambers prevent transverse loads
  • Drop-forged from Titanal
  • Replacement interval: 8 years without flight hour limitation, 5 years for tandem paraglider use
  • The PARALOCK weighs only 69 g at 2,800 DaN* breaking load
  • Weight: 69 g / pcs.

    * 1 DAN (Dekanewton) = 10 Newton  ≈ 1 kg

Gleitschirm KarabinerThe PARALOCK is a universal paraglider karabiner, which can be used in emergency situations even under load separation. In handling it has no disadvantages compared to conventional paraglider karabiners.

Once the paraglider risers are hooked in, the PARALOCK locks and secures itself automatically. It is opened by turning the release lever through 120° against spring force, whereby the lever can only be unlocked by pressing a specific button.


Gleitschirm KarabinerConventional paraglider karabiners have a maximum fatigue strength of 5 years in mono operation. If they are operated for longer, there is a risk of sudden material failure. For more details click here.

Fatigue strength in mono operation has been proven for the PARALOCK by fatigue tests carried out by a certified testing institute and material fatigue is therefore not an issue. For tandem operation the Fatigue strength 5 years, regardless of the number of flying hours.



Art.No. Article Breaking load (DaN *) Weight (g) Price (€/pcs.)
HKar129  PARALOCK Separation carabiner 2.800 69 78,00

1 DAN (Dekanewton) = 10 Newton  ≈ 1 kg

Charly foot accelerator separation systems :

Die Befestigung der Gleitschirmtragegurte ist ähnlich wie beim konventionellen Karabiner. Der Quickpin-Verschluss verfügt über eine automatische Verriegelung. Er ist so gestaltet, dass zum Öffnen zwei unterschiedliche manuelle Handlungen erforderlich sind: Das Drücken des Entriegelungsknopfs und ein Ziehen des Bolzens in entgegengesetzter Richtung.
Das Lösen der Tragegurte nach der Landung ist beim Pin Lock einfacher als beim Schnappverschluss Karabiner.
Damit bei extremen Starkwindverhältnissen ein ordnungsgemäßes Befestigen der Tragegurte am Karabiner sichergestellt ist, muss der Gleitschirm vor dem Anlegen des Gurtzeugs am Karabiner befestigt werden. Das gilt für konventionelle Karabiner wie für Pin Lock.
Bei Beachtung der Betriebsanleitung können selbst im extremen Winterbetrieb Vereisungsprobleme zuverlässig vermieden werden.

A foot accelerator separation system is required to allow the main canopy to be completely separated after an emergency parachute opening. The foot accelerator separation systems work automatically after the karabiner is opened. Charly offers 3 foot accelerator separation systems.

Fußbeschleuniger Trennsystem   Separation system with patent shackle for foot accelerator
Attention: This system should not be operated with a foot accelerator under tension, otherwise the patent shackle will be damaged!
Fußbeschleuniger Trennsystem   Separation system with brummel hooks recommended for foot accelerators if the risers of the paraglider are equipped with brummel hooks
Fußbeschleuniger Trennsystem


Separation system Easy Release for foot accelerators. The system impresses with its low overall height, simple operation and durable, safe function.
Art.Nr. Artikel Gewicht (g) Preis (€/Stk.)
HKar14  Separation system with patent shackle (pair) 7,4 31,50
HKar141  Separation system with brummel hooks (pair) 5,2 18,50
HKar142  Separation system Easy Release (pair) 22 39,70



paralock-en trennsystem-brummelhaken trennsystem-easy-release
Paralock Karabiner
Separat. system Brummelhook
Separat. system Easy Release

Information about the carabiner problem

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