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Charly rescue systems


When the moment arrives...

...that decides everything, you are sure to feel safe with a Charly rescue system.

It is good to know that everyone, needing do deploy the rescue system, saved their skin.
They have trusted in a rescue system which is a worldwide bestseller - and that for a good reason!.


for paragliders


for hanggliders

 New: Steerable cruciform canopy Charly DIAMONDcross

Qualität    Innovation

Light-weight constuction: Stretchable and slightly permeable material reduces the strain of an abrupt deceleration.Special sewing methods have allowed us to dispense with strengthening bands and high quality material used in the construction of canopy and connecting lines have further helped in weight reduction.

Firmness: Despite the small weight, our systems proved their high firmness again and again also with the new quality seal requirements.
We achieve this goal by the use of high-quality materials and a perfect processing.


Central line technology: DCharly smoothed the way for this building method and developed it up to perfection.
The opening time is shortened, the rate of descent is optimized.

Double cap technology: Already 1992 Charly's "Revolution" was the first double canopy middle line chute to attain DHV certification. In the meantime there is hardly a considerable manufacturer that did not take over this building method.

Shock absorption system: A successful innovation of Charly is the patented SAS (Shock Absorption System).
This system, developed with a leading webbing-band manufacturer, uses absorption elements in the main bridle straps to soften deceleration, when non-permeable chute material is used, allowing for all the advantages of a non-permeable material: Slower descent with higher loading and for smaller canopy size and thereby faster deployment.